This handy Mint Leaf Studio infographic breaks down website improvement into 12 simple steps. You can try adding one each day to stick with the 12 days of Christmas theme.

The 12 improvements include search functionality, navigation, typography, security and SEO. SEO is just one example of what you can do to improve your site. Some 62% of people click on a search result from the first page of results. If you do a better job thinking about optimizing search results, you can significantly boost your traffic numbers. Capstone can help you with that.

Most importantly, With the new year fast approaching, why not give your website some simple improvements, or a fresh look? Are you prioritizing any of these 12? Contact us about how you would like to improve or better optimize your site.

about the author: Jason Davis

I work with experienced internal project teams to move from the specification/mock-up phase to a polished, finished product, I uses my passion to help build brands from the ground up, and defining them in every medium. I’m also directly involved with all our corporate marketing strategies and initiatives.

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