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Why it’s never just a website

I’ve worked in the industry of web design and marketing for about 10 years now and I’m amazed at how often I still hear this phrase. Both within and from the outside of the world of design and marketing. What’s the video below to listen to the latest presentation from working at Baltimore about this … Continue reading “Why it’s never just a website”

UX Design – Part 5 – White Space

White space well executed in projects is not something that gets enough attention. Cramming items together on a page limit what you want users to look at. The definition of white space is the area between design elements. It is also the space within individual design elements. Including the space between typography. In spite of … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 5 – White Space”

UX Design – Part 3 – Emotionally Purposed Design

Emotionally Purposed Designs can drive users into either loving or hating a product. These designs can also make their users feel more comfortable with their decision. Design and emotion sometimes go hand in hand. Which is why seasoned designers are not as married to projects as newer designers. Because emotion driven design also affects designers … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 3 – Emotionally Purposed Design”

UX Design – Part 2 – Data Based Design

Some things occur in a room that create an atmosphere so thick, you could cut through it with a knife. When you place designers and data marketers in a room, such things happen. Finding a balance is crucial when doing data based design. Designer Douglas Bowman resigned his position at Google over its over-reliance on … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 2 – Data Based Design”

UX Design – Part 1 Design For Delight

Does your design team concern themselves about evoking positive emotion for the customer? Do they go beyond customer expectations in delivering awesome experiences? if they do, then those people will want to tell the world about you. If they design for themselves, then customers will tell the world nothing. This is part one, in our … Continue reading “UX Design – Part 1 Design For Delight”