Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization made easy

The best search engine optimization techniques are not installing a plugin only.

Search Engine Optimization is more than trying to get found. It’s about getting found by the right audience that is looking for you. If your local, how do you appear to local search? What about regional or national results? What if you have a online store? We know the search engine and how to get you ranked. We are not the usual Louisville SEO Firm.

On-Page SEO

If your web pages are not optimized, you hurt your chances of not ranking well. Especially for the terms that matter to your business. On-Page optimization requires editing the elements of your pages. This is for both users and the search engines. This also includes title tags, URLs, meta descriptions, h1’s, content, images, and internal links.

Off-Page SEO

These two approaches must be done together for optimal search strategy and performance. This builds the authority of your site (Domain Authority and Page Authority). Building natural inbound links and are niche-relevant as well as quality blog posts.

Ranking Factors

Although the ranking factors are always a moving target, the main ones are pretty steady. Moz Local Search Ranking Factors in 2017 are Google My Business signals. Including Backlinks, On-Page SEO (including NAP), Citations, and Reviews. No one can guarantee rankings.

Local SEO

Google Business is a must to begin to have a quality local search results page. This contains images, posts, address, website links and your hours and phone number. We can get this fixed up and get you online local in search with your Gmail address, or we can make one for you.

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