Bittners – Interior Design

Bittners – Interior Design

Design For the way you live

Bittners bring their rich history and experience together amazing interior designs. They can approach projects with boundless imagination. And they’ve creating breathtaking interiors and furniture for over 100 years.

They described what they wanted a creative and elegant looking website. We gave them the elegant look they wanted. Using stunning photography, videos, and a website design. They felt best tells their story after 160 years of business.

We also created several interior content and landing page templates. Thus maintaining design integrity and ease of use across the site. The templates are minimal and digestible. Yet can still handle large amounts of content when necessary.

Bittners Web Design
Bittners Home Page Layout
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Tehy have become widely recognized as a leading nationally renowned design firm. With projects in New York, Chicago, Nantucket, Florida, Colorado, and Kentucky. They bring their rich history and experience together.

Creating Designs Since 1854

Bittners has been creating inspirational, timeless environments since 1854. A high bar set and always designing with an uncompromising commitment to quality. That is the hallmark of Bittners today. Bittners is a leading interior design firm in Louisville, KY. Specializes in residential and custom interior design, handcrafted furniture.

Bittners Design Page Layout
Bittners Design Page Layout
Bittners Interior Page

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