Kaylin Shackelford

Kaylin Shackelford

Kaylin Shackelford

Kaylin is a a Graphic Designer and Social Media Manager with more 5+ years experience and growing. In 2013, Kaylin went to Skills USA for her photography and digital imaging skills. She came in 1st for Regionals and State, and went all the way to Nationals. Kaylin completed her Associates and Bachelors Degree in Computer Graphic Design at Sullivan College of Technology and Design.
Kaylin passionate about Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign, and fluent in many programs. Being creative, detail oriented, energetic, willing and ready to learn has made her successful in many different fields.

Kaylin has always had her own style and view on life. She loves fashion, makeup, and video games. On weekends (and sometimes even in the office) you can find her dressed up as a Disney princess, video game character, or whoever else she decides to cosplay as.
She also really loves Hello Kitty and anything else that’s just as kawaii as her!

What I do

  • Account Management and Sales Support

  • Social Media Management & Engagement

  • Graphic Design

  • Project Management