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5 Reasons For: Why Should I Blog?

I have had business owners ask me about “why should I blog?” the answer is simple. Quality blog content tells Google your business has a quality website. I want to share with you the 5 benefits of a quality blog on your site. And some of the benefits I’ve reaped from mine. 1) Reputation A … Continue reading “5 Reasons For: Why Should I Blog?”

Limit Of Links On Pages

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How many links on a page should we have? Is there a limit of links on pages? We all worry about Google looking at our site and seeing it as spam. A source of stress for content marketers. The truth is you’re stressing for nothing. Though keep it reasonable, if you are trying to beat … Continue reading “Limit Of Links On Pages”

WordPress Frameworks and Child Themes

A while back I gave a brief presentation on WordPress Frameworks and Child Themes at a WordCamp. The idea was to share advice about using child themes rather than customizing and editing a parent theme. It’s been pretty busy at Capstone lately, so I am finally getting the time to sit and write a little … Continue reading “WordPress Frameworks and Child Themes”

What Is A DNS?

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When looking for hosting many clients don’t realize there is a difference between Registration and Hosting, but there is another element that you can separate out or use as part of the registrars services. Here’s the question I hear when (rarely) it comes up: “What is a DNS?” Briefly here’s the answer. I won’t go … Continue reading “What Is A DNS?”

Optimizing Images For The Web

Optimizing images for the web is necessary because large image files taken directly from a high resolution photo and then uploaded to your website will not load quickly as the larger the files, the longer the load. A couple of reasons for sharing this: Internet Connection Most internet speeds are about 10mbps for downloads. Though … Continue reading “Optimizing Images For The Web”

WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

In a dramatic departure from what is expected from a theme from WordPress, the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme is not going to be any different than that of it’s predecessor Twenty Thirteen. WordPress Twenty Fourteen ThemeĀ is more for the portfolio, magazine writers or photographers of the world, where Twenty Thirteen was for the blogger in … Continue reading “WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme”

Best Time To Tweet or Post [Infographic]

Finding best time to post to Facebook can be tricky. There is a lot of competition out there now for space on a users Facebook Feed compared to what it was only a year ago. The best time to post to Facebook has become a science it seems as marketers compete for space and are … Continue reading “Best Time To Tweet or Post [Infographic]”

Hardening WordPress Security

The interwebs are a fun place to go online and play games and read articles and do all sorts of things. But the moment site owners get a site (if like 20% of the others out there) on WordPress there is something very important you need to do. Lock you site down and keep an … Continue reading “Hardening WordPress Security”

Blog Topic Ideas For Your Blog

So you just got a website, and you were told you need to blog (begin stares and the deer in headlights look) “But I’m not a writer.” “I don’t know what I would blog about.” “My business is not THAT interesting.” Not necessarily true. It’s interesting to someone. Your blog isn’t a autobiography, its a … Continue reading “Blog Topic Ideas For Your Blog”

Want To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page?

Getting more likes on your Facebook page won’t guarantee more sales or higher revenue, but that shouldn’t stop you from investing the time and effort. Here I’ll share a couple of things that got me from 120 or so likes to 163 in a week. The List To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page … Continue reading “Want To Get More Likes On Your Facebook Page?”