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Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising

Mobile advertising is crowding the internet with online ads. And the biggest giants are using their space to serve ads to get shoppers. When you hear the name Google it’s reasonable to hear SEO or Search. Products are on Google for online shoppers to look for that gift for their family or friends. But Google’s … Continue reading “Google vs Amazon and Mobile Advertising”

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #12 – Categories and Tags

In this WordPress Minute Episode it’s Taxonomies! Categories and Tags are ways to group content and organize for your readers. Remember it’s about your readers and helping them find the content they’re looking for on your site. So we hope you enjoy this tut video. Please Like and subscribe for future episodes here. If you … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #12 – Categories and Tags”

Planning a Successful Facebook Ad

Before diving into how to develop creative for your ad planning and execution come first. You may want to consider the following questions as you’re going through each of the phases in your planning and execution. What is your objective? Two questions are to be asked. 1) What do you want to achieve with your … Continue reading “Planning a Successful Facebook Ad”

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #11 – Make A Page

On this episode of the WordPress Minute Tutorial Series I’m sharing with you a simple tut on how to add a page, some text and finally a image. Afterwards you can save as a draft and preview. Then finally click publish to reveal your creation to the world.   A WordPress user tutorial series provided … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #11 – Make A Page”

How Social Media Can Enhance Morale And Attract New Customers

Our social media accounts reflect our story and culture at Element 502. We share content and our brands mission on 4 channels. First is our blog then Facebook and finally LinkedIn and Instagram. Each channel is unique in how we approach this. Facebook is everything and whatever in between. Instagram is behind the scenes. Our … Continue reading “How Social Media Can Enhance Morale And Attract New Customers”

Element After 502 – Bill Reynolds and Final Fantasy 15

In this episode I’m talking to Bill Reynolds CEO of Element 502. We learn about his likes, gaming stats, and where he is on Marvel Cinematic Universe. We also touch on Marketing budgets and the difference between business development and sales. Sign up for our newsletter

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #10 – Create A Blog Post

The main reason everyone wants a WordPress website is to market their company. In order to do that you’ll need a blog with the ability to publish content. Well, that’s the main engine of WordPress. In this episode I am happy to share with you how to add a blog post. Log in to your WordPress Administration … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #10 – Create A Blog Post”

Website Usability

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Making a website usable by site visitors is something that is becoming more important than in the past. As mobile screens increased on the market developers needed to create sites that would work across any screen size seamlessly. But what is “Website Usability” and how do you test for it to see if yours is … Continue reading “Website Usability”

Element After 502 Podcast – Kaylin’s Elvis and Hashtags

In this episode meet Kaylin who manages social media for our clients and internally. She’s also responsible as account management and does an awesome Elvis impersonation. Listen in as we discuss Facebook and Instagram. Social Media ads and when you should Hashtag and not.

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #9 – The Media Library

The WordPress Media Library consists of images, video, recordings, and files that you upload and use in your blog. Media is typically uploaded and inserted into the content when writing a Post or writing a Page. Thank you to our current subscribers. And if you haven’t yet, please like and subscribe to help us build … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #9 – The Media Library”