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Element After 502 Podcast Ep.16 – The Toe of Satan Challenge

Bill and David answer questions while sucking on the hottest candy. Each contestant must answer clearly as possibly the question after removing The Toe of Satan. The questions: Will Making Users Verify Email Upon Entering My Website, Make Them Turn Away and Lose Interest? What should be on the website front page? What is the … Continue reading “Element After 502 Podcast Ep.16 – The Toe of Satan Challenge”

WordPress “Display Widgets” plugin purged from repository

The Display Widgets plugin in its day was the plugin of choice to manage your sidebars. If you had sidebars on your theme, you may want only 3 widgets shown on your about page. Then you want these “other” 3 shown only on your blog. With this plugin it could do that. Even though with … Continue reading “WordPress “Display Widgets” plugin purged from repository”

Facebook Audiences

Custom Audiences enables you to connect with your most valuable Facebook audiences. This is a targeting capability to reach existing customers and prospects. Not new ones. Custom Facebook Audiences target a particular group of your customers. Use what you already know about them. Thus tailoring your messaging to personalize the experience and encourage action. Segments … Continue reading “Facebook Audiences”

Element After 502 Podcast Ep15- GeoCat, GeoCasters and Social Media

In this episode we are talking about GeoCasters and Social media strategy across Facebook, LinkedIn, SnapChat and Instagram. In this episode we have Kaylin and Bill giving you the best practice tips about how to post, when and what to post.

Is Facebook Killing Brand Pages?

Another change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm is arriving. More of the fallout from the “fake news” we saw from the past election towards business pages. But if you look through a non-cynical view, it’s more about connecting people to people. Not inanimate brands to people for the “sale.” The potential removal of publisher posts … Continue reading “Is Facebook Killing Brand Pages?”

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #14 – Menus

In this episode I show you how to manage your menus in the WordPress Customizer. Menus are easily added, removed and drag and drop to whatever position in the nav of your website you need. Please like and subscribe for future videos and follow us on Facebook at Please Like and subscribe for future … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #14 – Menus”

Element After 502 Podcast Ep14 – Why we switched to Android

For years many of us have been either iPhone or Windows Phone users. But then things simply got better on the other side of the fence in Android land. In this episode we discuss how and why we switch device brands and our view of the current state of mobile technology. 

Is there anything left to say?

I’ve been blogging for about 12 years now and honestly I almost feel like I’m just on repeat. I’ve blogged about WordPress, marketing, web, design trends and methods as well as UX strategy. So here it is 2018 and I feel like I’ve said it all in 2017. WordPress In 2018 we will see a … Continue reading “Is there anything left to say?”

The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #13 – Comments

In this WordPress Minute Episode it’s Comments! Comments are great on your blog, but sometimes you get spam. When you do it maybe necessary to check your settings and make sure that if comments are wanted they are not from bots. Here we show you how to set your comments settings. Please Like and subscribe … Continue reading “The WordPress Minute Tutorial Series #13 – Comments”

Element After 502 Podcast Ep13 – Bill’s Cold and Video Advertising

In this episode we have Tim Lee with Bill Reynolds discussing Bill being cold and videos in design and advertising. Video has evolved very quickly over the last decade in how we take it and edit it. But there is more to just point and shoot. Listen as we share our experience with video, the … Continue reading “Element After 502 Podcast Ep13 – Bill’s Cold and Video Advertising”